Should I quit my job?

This past few days I’ve been wondering, should I quit my job? so far the quest for finding a better job hasn’t been working out, I have found some offers below my expectations and I haven’t been able to land an interview for the jobs I really want. So I keep asking myself lately, should I quit my job?

Seeing what the market is offering right now made me realize what I’m earning right now and the benefits I have in my current job, the job market right now is really crazy, there are few jobs and lots of people trying to get them; lots of them are underpaid, no benefits, some with companies who are struggling in this financial breakdown and are no guarantee for they workers that they will remain open.

So the question remains, should I quit my job? and the answer… is still YES! Studying a master has made me realize that a lot of people has landed well paid jobs, with better benefits and great room to grow inside their companies, I know it’s a bit difficult right now to switch from one job to a better one, but if switching were easy everyone would be switching all the time.

I guess I’ll have to try harder, improve my resume, maybe add some things or rewrite some parts for a specific job, I’m still working all this out since last time I ask for a job I was 24 years old but somehow I know I can do this. If you are also trying to get a new job and still can’t, don’t worry, just keep trying and get better every time, try to learn something for every resume sent and every interview that didn’t work. I will be sharing my experiences and hopefully they will help someone, feel free to share yours too!

Should I quit my job?
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