If you are unhappy at your job to the point where you would say that you actually hate it, all hope is not lost. You know what you are worth and how important your feelings are, so why deal with something that you hate?

You are not trapped in your current situation unless you want to be. There are actually several options that you have, all of which can help you be happier and enjoy what you do.

While the most obvious option is to quit, that is not the only one available. There are actually some things that you can do that will have you switch from saying “I hate my job” to “I enjoy going to work” fairly quickly. I recommend some of the following steps to get you through quitting and for you to think about before you quit.


Just quit!

As I mentioned earlier, the most obvious answer if you hate your job is to simply quit. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that if you quit without having a plan for the future, you will be unemployed and without money.

Instead, it is a better idea to try to line up a new job before quitting. Start networking, either by talking directly to your friends and family (with the warning not to tell your current boss) or on a social network website.  I also highly recommend saving every spare penny you can afford. Once you have a new job lined up, quit the one that makes you unhappy.

Ask For A Promotion

Many people who think “I hate my job” are actually simply bored by it. If you think this is the case in your situation, try asking for a promotion. If you have more responsibility, you may find the job more interesting, making you happier.

Even a raise can help your outlook on life as although money doesn’t buy happiness, it does make it a lot easier to be happy. Even if you don’t get the promotion or raise you want, at least your boss will be aware that you want to have a bit more responsibility and help you make the workplace more interesting.

Change Your Work Environment

A lot of times when someone is unhappy with their job it is because of their work environment. While you cannot change the people you work with short of asking to be switched to a different department or desk, you can change your personal workspace. Add some pictures of things you love to your office, such as family or relaxing landscapes. Even simply changing the layout of your office or the way things are organized on your desk may give you a fresh perspective and help change your mood.

I know working some place you don’t enjoy is difficult, but having a plan before you quit or attempting to salvage a job sometimes is the better answer to seeking a less stressful life.

Find something that you are happy with because you deserve to be happy. The hate that you feel for your current job will bring you feelings that you just do not deserve.

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I Hate My Job What Can I Do About It?

One thought on “I Hate My Job What Can I Do About It?

  • November 29, 2013 at 1:56 am

    “Or do we assume that work can be stumaliting, fun, energizing, inspiring, motivating and meaningful?”Yes it can be. It would be nice if it was always thus, however…”I’ve tried both – and considering how huge the gap between the two is for me, I’ve decided that I will never again settle for anything less than work that makes me happy”…for most of us, the primary function of work is that it should generate sufficient money to support our families and enable us to do this things we truly enjoy. Enjoying work is important but it isn’t the primary motivation for most people and not everyone is able to make a job they enjoy doing pay or to have the flexibility to alter their present job. Would you rather see your family starve than do a job which doesn’t make you happy? What about the many jobs in the world that are, and will always be, boring, unpleasant, repetitive, dangerous and thoroughly unlovable yet are vital and need someone to do them? Should they remain because noone will *love* doing them? Blithely telling everyone to love their job can be a pretty smug, glib statement and is largely the preserve of those of us with sufficient education or financial freedom to have those sort of choices available to them. Here endeth the rant… 😉


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