One of the top reasons for quitting your job is your ethic, there are many companies right now asking their employees to do unethical things to “improve” their income, make  sales o just because it’s the way they work. Some people really don’t have a choice and they do whatever their companies ask them, but others just quit.

A good friend of mine works for a local car rental agency, and he told me that the manager is always telling them to say “we have brand new cars”, but in reality they have cars 2, 3 or 4 years old! some people notice some other don’t. A lot of people get angry because when they arrive they have no choice, some cancel some kept their reservation because they don’t have time to find something else. Because of this my good friend wants to quit his job.

I met a guy a couple of months ago due to a mutual friend, he’s a very succesful lawyer, he has spent most of his professional life defending criminals from jail, and he is very good at findings bad procedures, holes in the law and exceptions so he has been able to win some really difficult trials, still is not the most ethic way to behave and now he  has enough money to turn some cases down, still he has an expensive way of life so he can’t pass on everything.

When your company or your work or your profession goes in a different way than your ethics does you should quit right away! but what if you have a family to support, and there is no other job for you right now? would you quit to look? would you continue working while you look for a new job? or perhaps would remain on this job against your ethics?

Personally in the situation I am I understand why my friend is still working, there is a family to support and you have to keep paying the bills. However hopefully a new job will appear in time and the situation will be over.

There is an interesting article you can read about this Quit over ethics?

Etichs, a reason to quit your job
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