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Today I would like to share with you a history I got through an email from one of our readers; I hope you find the value in her story.

The stable job and her reason to quit

Helen was a happy employee. She had a stable job for the past four years, was seen as someone reliable, worked in different areas of the travel services company that employed her,and felt somehow appreciated; until she started a relationship with a coworker.

At first she thought it might not get serious, but after a month they both realized it was getting there (relationship talking), so they decided to come clean before their boss found out from a different source. Their boss was happy for them, but made clear they can’t be both working in the company since they are involved.

Now, you have to know this was an unwritten policy at their job. They could fight, or one of them would have to resign and since he was in a better job position (managing area) and she wasin sales, she decided to be the one to quit.  Plus she already had been invited to work at another company by a friend, so she left her job to start over at a completely different company.

A new job, a different story.

The first days were hard asshe didn’t have Excel  knowledge yet she had to use  a lot of complicated worksheets with macros that she didn’t quite understand. She had been working in sales most of the time, so she didn’t have to know all of these things before. Also, her new job required her to deal with people from other offices and other states as well as to check records, take quick actions, and control of inventory.  All of a sudden she’s overwhelmed!

At this point there is no return, since now everyone in her previous job  knew about the relationship and she’s getting the feeling her new boss is about to  “let her go;” and so he did a couple of weeks later. She was completely devastated, and started to wonder if she could go back to her old job or maybe work for the competition. The bills kept coming and she didn’t know what to do!

A couple of  months passed and she couldn’t find a new a job.It was difficult, since she only has a high school degree and low Microsoft office skills. Her experience was mostly in sales-related jobs and to add to it,  she found out she was pregnant! She moved in with her boyfriend and he took care of the house expenses, but they were still short of money for everything a baby needs. At this point, her boyfriend suggested they should start a business. Without savings, it looked impossible, and she didn’t want to get a loan to see if she could “work something out,” Her boyfriend then suggested she could start a small business in catalog sales, but she refused to do so.

Her change

Her boyfriend insisted in this last business, he had investigated everything about companies like Mary Kay, Avon, Tupperware, etc.  and decided the best one was Mary Kay.He showed the info to Helen along with a YouTube video, and she finally agreed to go to a meeting with ladies who were selling Mary Kay. After the meeting, things would never be the same.

She got to know really successful women who sold a lot of products, managed to signed more women to Mary Kay, built their own teamwork, and were getting big $$, paid travels around the world and free cars! She got really excited and decided to start.

At first, it was difficult to knock on doors or arrive to people’s homes that she didn’t know, but a couple of months later, she was starting to receive some income and helping to pay the bills. The couple managed to buy everything their kid needed, and they are now married and happy. She is working hard to get an all paid trip to Europe from Mary Kay and grateful to found this company. She now thinks getting fired from her job is the best thing ever happened to her!


True story – Being forced to resign is the best thing ever happened to me
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One thought on “True story – Being forced to resign is the best thing ever happened to me

  • March 17, 2013 at 6:25 am

    It’s a nice history, one of my friends has been supporting her kids selling cosmetics like those, she also didn’t have any education at all, now she has a bachelors degree, a nice house and a firm carrier


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