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I have been going to some interviews in the last two weeks, some are entry positions at companies that have a carrier plan, and a couple of interviews were really great, and even when they liked me, they express what a good thing and hard work I could do, they cannot hire me since I’m overqualified for the job(s).  What the hell!!!

I realized that I might actually land a lower-income job than the one I already have but  I figured that it will accept it if I have growing chances in my new company, cause I have always found a way to get better at what I do and I just need to get in, but I never expected this overqualified shi…. thing, I mean, who doesn’t hire someone because he is “too good” or “too experienced” for a the job, come on!


Maybe they are afraid I might take over their jobs or scared that I will resign soon after or something like that, but for someone looking for an opportunity this overqualified is just a nice slap in the face.

I found this interesting article about how to respond when someone tells you, you are overqualified and I guess I will try to do it next time. Well that’s it for today, have a great weekend!




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Hello! my name is Erick and I want to quit my job, I’m the proud father of a 6 months old baby boy and I started writting this blog because I realize I just can quit without a plan, I meet a lot of people in my situation or people who quitted their jobs without having another proposal or money in the bank and have an awful time, anyway I hope you find value in here if you want to quit your job too.

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