I quit my job and reinvented myself

I was lucky in high school. Rather than work in fast food, I got a “real job” with a telecom giant, where I could work part time and still go to school. The pay was good, and I worked there all through college, and even afterward. But when I got an opportunity to live in [...]

6 tips to write a kick ass cover letter

Even in this age of online job applications, a really good cover letter can do a lot to help you stand out from the generic applicant crowd. Your cover letter may be the only chance you have to sell yourself beyond simply filling in blanks on a form. So how do you create a cover [...]

How to write a great resume

You may have heard gossip that resumes are too old fashioned to be relevant anymore.  But in my experience, job hunting is rarely a one-size-fits-all process. Each company should be approached using the method they asked for. So if you want to quit your job and they want a resume, make it the best one [...]

How to Quit Your Job and Change Careers

It is one thing to decide that you want to quit your job, and another to know what steps to take. Quitting your job to do similar work somewhere else is usually not difficult, but moving to an entirely different career can be daunting. For your career change to be successful, you need a plan. [...]